The Best Procedures For Addressing Stubborn Fat

Despite our best efforts to lose weight through diet and exercise, many of us still have “problem areas,” or pockets of fat that just won’t seem to go away. In fact, even if you are at your ideal weight, you may still have some unsightly bulges in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or upper arms. Often no matter how hard you work to get rid of it, this stubborn fat will resist your efforts.  

Fortunately, you have options that can give you the shape you want.  Modern advances in plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments have helped thousands of people feel fantastic about their bodies.  And, if you’ve been working hard to lose weight and reshape your body, you deserve to feel confident and know that you look great in your clothes! Here are a couple of the most effective ways to get rid of your problem areas that the Aesthetx team recommends.

Liposuction Can Eliminate Stubborn Fat Almost Anywhere in the Body.

Liposuction is a minimally-invasive surgery that permanently eliminates unwanted fat from the body. Using only a couple of small incisions in the treatment area, liposuction employs a small, specialized tube and vacuum to remove pockets of fatty tissue. This surgery is fully-customizable, and your surgical plan will be developed to address your exact areas of concern and give you a smooth, lean shape. 

This procedure is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the country because it is a safe and effective way to reshape the body. Recovery from this surgery is usually quite fast and comfortable. And, as long as you do not experience a great deal of weight gain after your surgery, your results will be permanent. 

Coolsculpting® is a Way to Freeze That Fat Away

Aesthetx patients love Coolsculpting® as there is virtually no downtime while being a successful way to freeze away the unwanted fat cells responsible for bulges in the abdomen, thighs, or upper arms. This body contouring technology uses precise low temperatures to progressively eliminate fat under the skin (termed subcutaneous adiposity). An average of 20% of that pinchable fat is eliminated with each treatment session, but unlike surgery, there is no anesthesia and no recovery time. In fact, you can go straight back to work, the gym, or any social engagement without disrupting your normal activities.  Because Coolsculpting® relies on your body’s own cell turnover mechanisms, the results are not immediate and it takes several visits to achieve the best effects. The Aesthetx team recommends starting this treatment plan at least 6 months in advance of any major events. Aesthetx is happy to discuss these options with you and help you choose what is best based on your desired results.

Kybella® Targets Key Areas to Destroy Fat

Submental fullness can impact men and women, and can be influenced by several factors such as genetics, weight gain and aging, and can be resistant to diet and exercise. According to a 2015 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, nearly as many aesthetically-oriented customers are bothered by submental fullness as by lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Aesthetx offers KYBELLA, as an excellent option to address this. The first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA is also used off-label for other unwanted bulges such as “banana rolls” underneath the buttocks. KYBELLA®causes the destruction of fat cells when injected into subcutaneous fat. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat.

Whether it is Coolsculpting, Liposuction or KYBELLA, Aesthetx patients are finding these methods very effective in targeting key areas and experiencing excellent results while restoring confidence. 

If you are ready to get rid of your stubborn fat and have beautiful contours, call Aesthetx at 408.559.7177 or reach out on our website form to ask your questions and schedule your personal consultation. Our San Jose, CA staff looks forward to your visit!

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