The Facts About Fillers and the COVID Vaccine


There has been much discussion about the potential side effects of the new coronavirus vaccines.

This has received a lot of coverage: facial swelling in 3 participants with cosmetic filler after receiving the Moderna trial vaccination. All resolved without serious harm to the patients.

It can be hard to know the facts from the headlines—they’re sensationalized and meant to make a statement that is not always backed by medicine.

Here are some important takeaway points:

  1. The risk of this reaction is very small. Only 3 of the 15,184 vaccinated participants experienced swelling (that’s 0.019%). Your risk of being struck by lightning is higher than that.
  2. These reactions are not new. Again, it is a rare but known phenomenon. It’s seen with other vaccines—in fact, one of the three patients had the same reaction after her flu vaccination—and is not unique! It can also happen with viral illnesses (including COVID or the flu), most infections, dental work, or totally spontaneously. Anything that revs up the immune system can potentially cause some swelling.
  3. If they do occur, reactions tend to be mild and treatable. The team at Aesthetx is well trained to manage anything if it does occur (now or in the future)… never fear!
  4. Don’t let filler scare you away from the vaccine! It’s critically important. And don’t let the vaccine scare you away from filler!

We advise that you wait two weeks before and after having dental work, vaccines, or major illness before scheduling your filler appointment. This is just general good practice and not a new recommendation.

On a personal note, Dr. Hausauer has participated in several advisory meetings, contributed to an upcoming article, and spoken to many injectable experts on this subject. The consensus is, “if they aren’t worried, you shouldn’t be either.”

Aesthetx 12:31 pm