Tips for a Faster Recovery After Mommy Makeover

If you’ve taken the plunge and booked your Mommy Makeover at Aesthetx, you might have begun planning your new, figure-flattering wardrobe already. Our patients are excited to get back to the gym, the beach, and everywhere feeling slimmer and more confident about their shape.

The recovery time required after combined cosmetic procedures is a reality to prepare for, and recovering safely while following instructions is key to feeling comfortable as possible. We’ll explain how following instructions and guidelines can make the healing phase faster, too!

At Aesthetx in San Jose, our board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in advanced body contouring surgeries. We’ve helped countless women to feel proud of their bodies again post-pregnancy. We’ll be happy to get you beach-ready again too!

How Does a Mommy Makeover Help?

Plenty of moms diet and exercise after pregnancy, and that’s still a reliable, healthy way to shed excess weight and build strength. Unfortunately, there are some impressive changes your body will undergo throughout 9 months of pregnancy, and hard work alone might not help you restore your figure.

Skin can remain stretched and show striae (stretch marks,) permanently changing its appearance and texture. Many women also experience a separation of abdominal muscles, known as diastasis recti. When the breasts enlarge dramatically during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the tissue changes often show as sagging, softer breasts over time.

A Mommy Makeover combines two or more cosmetic surgeries aimed at restoring the abdomen, breasts, and other areas.

Typical combinations include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast augmentation or mastopexy (breast lift). Additionally, you might choose to add liposuction or a labiaplasty.

No matter which personalized combination you choose, it’s essential to be realistic and well-prepared for the recovery so you can heal quickly and comfortably.

Don’t do This After Your Mommy Makeover

Your plastic surgeon will tell you that a combined recovery is somewhat more restrictive and lengthier than individual ones.

It’s tempting to “tough it out” and get back to workouts, house cleaning, sports, and other activities quickly. Many of our patients are busy professionals who manage a lot between children and careers, so it can be tough to unplug and slow their pace for a few weeks.

You’ll be given a timeline for recovery after Mommy Makeover, and it’s in your best interest to follow it. In most cases, 3 weeks of avoiding aerobic exercise and elevating your blood pressure will be advised. That means the gym, sex, or anything that gets your blood pumping fast must wait. Increased blood pressure can lead to bleeding early in recovery. It will also prolong your swelling.

Most people can’t wait for their swelling to resolve and their beautiful new contours to be revealed. You won’t want to do anything that will make the wait longer!

Ask For Help Or Hire Help!

An excellent tip for faster recovery is to call in some favors or hire additional help at work and home. If you’ve planned for childcare, pet care, someone else to run errands, and more, you’ll be less tempted to take these tasks on yourself.

Depending on the procedures you’ve had, you’ll be advised not to do any heavy lifting, bend over, or overuse your arms. This gives delicate tissue and incisions and chance to heal and prevents unnecessary pain or sensitivity in the treatment areas.

Take Medications as Prescribed

Like work and daily activities, some people hope to “tough it out” without the recommended pain medication after surgery. You will receive a prescription, and you can discuss what you’re comfortable taking with your surgeon. However, strong medication recommended in the first stage of healing does wonders to help things along.

Aside from calming your mental state, medication will help you rest more comfortably and sleep well, which aids healing. Everyone handles the temporary inflammation and soreness differently, but there’s certainly no benefit to suffering unnecessarily. Before you know it, you’ll feel like your old self again!

Schedule Your Consultation at Aesthetx

Everyone recovers according to their own body characteristics, and you may realistically need a full six months to appreciate your healed results.

If you prioritize your overall health and nutrition and plan to be patient, you’ll be showing off your new body in no time!

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