Transitioning From Injectables to a Facelift

For those who want to maintain a stunning facial appearance, dermal fillers and BOTOX® stand apart as some of the easiest, yet most effective procedures. With their ability to reduce wrinkles, improve facial volume, and deliver a healthy glow, these specialized approaches can help you look your best with minimal to no downtime.

With time dermal fillers will likely need a support treatment to maintain your goals. When your facial skin starts to sag, your wrinkles can become more apparent, or you may lose significant facial volume. It’s important to consider a more intensive approach to restore and retain your goals if you notice these concerns.

This is where a facelift at our practice Aesthetx, a plastic surgery and dermatology clinic with board certified doctors located in San Jose, California, can help you achieve your goals. If you haven’t considered having the procedure up to now, it’s natural to have questions about it. To help you through the learning curve, here is some inside information on how to transition from injectables to a facelift.

The Difference Between Injectables and a Facelift

First things first, it is important to understand how injectables and facelift procedures stand apart from each other.

To summarize, injectables, which include dermal fillers, BOTOX®, and Kybella® are  substances that are injected into the target areas of your face. Through their ability to spread beneath your skin, these injectables can reduce wrinkles, smoothen facial volume, and result in a refreshed, younger look. However, with injectables you will need to come in frequently as they don’t last infinitely.

On the other hand, a facelift can be described as surgery that lifts the deeper tissues in the face and removes excess skin from the lower half of your face and neck and repositions the remaining skin to reduce wrinkles. The procedure also sculpts your facial muscles to restore your youthful structures. In some cases, fat transfer is used during the procedure to add more volume to your face. Oftentimes additional procedures are combined to create a harmonious full face enhancement and this can include eyelid and brow surgery, laser treatments and other skin treatments.

If you feel that your existing injectables are not giving you your desired results, going from injectables to facelift might be a suitable approach for you. Taking this step allows you to address your specific concerns and lets you resolve them with the help of our multi-specialty physician team at Aesthetx.

How to Transition From Injectables to a Facelift

After learning the difference between injectables and a facelift, you can easily go through the steps to transition to a facelift. These measures typically look like the following:

Identify the problem. Determine if you have excessively loose skin or significant loss of facial structure even after getting injectables.

Consider alternative approaches. Since a facelift is a major surgery, you can consider alternative procedures such as Profound RF by speaking to one of our board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Zeidler and Dr. Berkowitz.

Make a decision. If your surgeon believes that you are a good candidate for a facelift, you can start with the preparation phase by deciding to go ahead with the surgery and booking your surgery date.

After assessing the above, going from injectables to a face lift is a decision you can make together with either Dr. Zeidler or Dr. Berkowitz, both board certified plastic surgeons with vast experience to help you with your goals.

Consider Your Options for Facelift Surgery in San Jose, CA

With extensive experience in performing injectable procedures and facelift surgeries, our doctors take a detailed approach to achieving and restoring your youthful appearance. We go beyond a generalized approach and create a plan based on the best result for you. This includes evaluating photos of your younger self and working towards a natural yet noticeable result to restore your younger, more vibrant look.

To find out more about how you can transition from injectables to a facelift, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zeidler or Berkowitz or call (408) 559-7177 today. 

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