Unhappy With Your Chin? There’s A Procedure For That!

The chin sets a foundation for your whole face. When people have a disproportionately small or recessed chin, it can make other facial features appear out of balance.

Likewise, when stubborn fat collects and forms a double chin, people find their appearance can be heavier, older, and less attractive than they would like.

Have you considered chin augmentation? There are numerous ways to make lasting changes to this facial region. Here, we’ll talk about two leading approaches- non-surgical fat reduction for submental (under chin) fat, and chin implant surgery.

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Ideal Candidates For Chin Augmentation

Those who wish to improve self-confidence with a stronger, sculpted, or defined chin have multiple options.

When it comes to chin implant or jaw angle implant surgery, patients who are in good health with realistic expectations make ideal candidates. You might consider cosmetic surgery for your chin if:

  • You have an underdeveloped or recessed chin
  • You have an overly square, pointed, or narrow chin
  • Your nose appears disproportionate compared to your chin
  • You have no medical conditions that could impair healing
  • You don’t smoke

Chin Augmentation Surgery And Chin Implants

Chin augmentation can be done using filler for subtle and temporary results.

Alternately, an advancement genioplasty or chin implant insertion are two permanent ways to surgically enhance the chin and jaw.

Genioplasty moves a small portion of the chin bone forward without implants. The projected section is held in place with tiny screws. One of the benefits for this approach include no risk of shifting or rejection of implant material.

Customized jaw and chin implants also create an instant transformation and involve relatively quick, straightforward insertion of the implant through a small under-chin incision.

Kybella®- The Non-Surgical Double Chin Solution

Submental fat is a frustrating problem for men and women of all ages. No matter how much they diet and exercise, these stubborn pockets of fat don’t budge and can make your face look overly full or swollen.

This non-surgical, injectable solution is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe fat under the chin. It contains Deoxycholic Acid which has a proven history of destroying fat cells for elimination by the lymphatic system.

When injected into the submental region, Kybella® doesn’t just shrink fat. The treatment actually destroys the cells, allowing them to be gradually swept away by your natural waste system. After 2-3 treatments, patients can expect to see a visible reduction in their double chin and a more defined jawline.

The best part about this fast, non-surgical treatment is that targeted cells never return to that location. Unlike topical creams which claim to smooth or shrink fat, Kybella® is injected directly to the fat pocket and reduces it permanently.

Recovering From Your Chin Enhancement

Recovery time for these procedures ranges from a few days to a week and is relatively straightforward for both.

You can expect some temporary swelling and sensitivity while the area heals, and you’ll see a more contoured chin as the days go by. If you maintain a stable body weight, you can expect long lasting results.

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