What Can Be Done About Uneven Breasts

It’s true; some women have breasts that are not equal in size and shape. However, when this asymmetry is apparent, women often seek a surgical solution to address this cosmetic concern. Although some women choose to correct the problem with padding on one side and not the other, many others want a more permanent solution. At Aesthetx in San Jose, we offer breast procedures designed to give women a breast contour that not only fits their body type but is more identical and pleasing to the eye.

Breast Augmentation

The initial step in resolving breast asymmetry is to determine the ideal size in relation to your body type. The optimal breast size is different from patient to patient, so it’s essential to choose a plastic surgeon who has extensive training and experience with breast surgery and reconstruction.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons offer breast augmentation surgery that can increase breast size and shape. If asymmetry is an issue, they can formulate a surgical plan that will not only improve breast contours but make them more equal in size and shape. You will not only enjoy a bustline more appropriate for your body type, but the improvement in symmetry will allow you to wear the clothes you were born to wear.

Breast Reduction

There are situations when a breast reduction is more appropriate than breast augmentation to correct asymmetry. When a woman whose smaller breast is more preferable than its larger counterpart than increasing size makes little sense. Also, if she deals with shoulder, back, or neck pain because of excess weight and breast size, a reduction is more suitable.

We offer multiple breast reduction techniques, which include short-scar and vertical techniques. The short-scar breast reduction requires an exceptional plastic surgeon well-versed in anatomy and reconstructive surgery.

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