When is the best time for Cosmetic Surgery? – Planning Your Surgery Date

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The idea of choosing the most fashionable time to have surgery performed may seem strange at first glance, but when it comes to plastic surgery, timing can be extremely important. After a cosmetic procedure, the healing period can last anywhere from a few weeks to a month. During this time, it’s important to avoid strenuous activity, and you’ll most likely want to wait until the scars are healed and swelling goes down before showing off your new look.

So when is the best time to get work done? Whether you’re going for a facelift, eyelid surgery or any noticeable procedure, the answer largely depends on your preference and plans. Let’s take a look at the four seasons and the pros and cons of each for scheduling your surgery.


The spring is one of the busier seasons for plastic surgeons. Coming out of winter, the climate is still relatively cool. This is a good thing, as excessive heat or sun exposure can cause post-op complications.

Most people put on some extra pounds over the winter. Between the holidays, the food, and the colder weather, it’s normal to put on a little winter weight. By planning your surgery for the spring, you have the chance to shed those pounds to get the most out of your procedures


The summer is perhaps the least ideal time of the year for cosmetic surgery.

Heat and sun exposure isn’t good for fresh scars and healing skin. It can cause minor problems like post-op bleeding and prolonged swelling to become worse. Some procedures require that you wear special binders or girdles during recovery, which can be uncomfortable in the heat. If you do get surgery in the summer, expect to spend several weeks of it indoors in the air conditioning.


For those who look forward to holiday festivities each year, fall can be a great time to get work done. After an active summer, your body is likely in an ideal condition to maximize the results of your surgery. The weather is also cooling down, which is not only better for the healing process, but also allows you to wear bulkier clothes that conceal the changes to your body until you’re ready to show them off.


Like spring, winter is an ideal time for plastic surgery. It shares the cooler weather and bulkier clothes of Fall, with the added bonus that you are likely to be taking time off from work and other responsibilities for the holidays anyway.

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