Why is Belly Fat So Stubborn?

We know how much work you must put in to lose weight. Consistent effort and healthy habits are essential to getting great results, and your daily food choices and exercise routines contribute to fat loss.  If you have worked hard to become close to or at your target weight, you are likely ready to celebrate your success! Unfortunately, you may also still have unwanted fat in your abdomen. Belly fat can be incredibly resistant to weight loss, even if you’ve been able to make progress or meet your weight goals. While there are complex biological reasons for the persistence of belly fat, the crux of the problem can come down to your unique genetic makeup and hormonal processes.

To help demystify the causes of stubborn belly fat and how you can solve the problem, the team at Aesthetx breaks down the background of bothersome belly fat with the following blog post.  

Why can’t I get rid of my belly fat?

While your body stores fat in cells all over the body, it tends to do so in certain spots more than others.  Everybody is different, and where your body preferentially stores fat is largely determined by your genetics.  Similarly, when you lose weight, you can lose it faster in certain parts of the body than others, making some areas slim down more quickly.  Unfortunately, the abdomen is an area where most people have resistant fat stores that diminish much slower than other parts of the body.

When you burn fat stores, your body utilizes fat cells released into your bloodstream to be burned as fuel. Hormones, the chemical messengers your body uses to signal biological activities, are released during the fat loss process. These hormones are responsible for minimizing fat stores in multiple areas.  Signals are received by different types of receptors located on the outer surface of your fat cells. Some fat cells have receptors that allow easy access to the fat stored within, while others have receptors that tend to protect the fat. Abdominal fat cells tend to have the receptors that do not allow for easy release of fat; this is the key to why belly fat is so resistant to weight loss efforts. Eventually, if your overall body fat percentage drops low enough, your body will begin burning the fat in your belly.  However, this percentage can be quite low and hard to achieve through moderate exercise and dietary regimens.

Beat the Bulge with Aesthetic Procedures

If genetics and the general stubborn quality of abdominal fat cells are working against you, there are ways to deplete excess fat in this midsection, and you may not necessarily need invasive surgical treatment.

At Aesthetx’s state-of-the-art medical and surgical practice, we offer advances in technology which make non-surgical fat reduction a reality. Patients who want to slim mild to moderate stores of excess fat can find success with CoolSculpting, a revolutionary system for freezing fat cells in targeted areas.

If persistent belly fat is significantly pronounced, patients may be better suited for liposuction or a tummy tuck to flatten the abdomen. If your protruding abdomen is caused by both excess fat and lax abdominal muscles, a combination of procedures to slim, firm, and tighten your core can be recommended. Genetics and the stubborn nature of tummy fat are no match for advanced aesthetic procedures.

Ask Aesthetx about Tummy-Toning Treatments

If you can’t get rid of your belly fat despite your best efforts, you’re not alone, and you have options! Call 408.559.7177 today to find out more about how we can help you get the flat stomach you’ve been working towards!

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