Why Winter Is the Best Time to Get Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are some of the most popular and effective non-surgical options available. From reducing body hair to rejuvenating the skin, they can be used for a variety of different purposes. But when it comes to undergoing treatment, you may be wondering if there is an ideal time to schedule your first sessions. Although patients can undergo laser treatments anytime of the year, winter is ideal for the following reasons:

Protection from the Sun

Patients cannot undergo laser hair removal if their skin has a recent suntan or sunburn, which can be tricky to avoid during summer. But in winter, your skin is more likely to fade to its natural color. Also, it’s important to protect recently treated areas from the sun. Exposing treated areas to the sun may cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or skin damage. Since most people cozy up with multiple layers of clothing during winter, it’s easy to keep treated areas protected. And while laser treatments usually produce only mild side effects, any post-treatment redness can also be covered up with clothing during the colder months.

Get a Head Start on Your Summer Look

Laser hair removal typically takes several treatment sessions to produce desired results, which is why winter is the best time to start. In general, it may take around 3-5 treatments for optimal hair reduction, depending on your skin type and how your body reacts to treatment. If you start your sessions in winter, you’ll be able to bare your fuzz-free body at the beach as soon as the temperatures start to rise again. Additionally, laser hair removal can sometimes cause patchy regrowth when you’re in between sessions. But during winter, you can easily cover up stubbly legs under long pants.

Pamper Irritated Skin

Winter exposes our skin to the harsh elements, and it is constantly being dried out by indoor heating as well. As a result, bothersome skin conditions tend to flare up during this time. With laser skin resurfacing treatments, your skin will get the extra help it needs for healthy cell growth and turnover. When summer comes around, you’ll already have a vibrant complexion that glows with health.

Beautiful summer skin starts this winter. With a full range of laser treatments offered by the specialists at Aesthetx, you’ll have radiant, hair-free skin as soon as the warmer months approach. To get started, contact Aesthetx today at (408) 559-7177 to schedule your personal consultation for a laser treatment.

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