The Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

Aesthetx is fortunate to have experts in both plastic surgery and dermatology onsite at their multi-specialty practice in Silicon Valley. With both specialties combined, patients have access to a wide variety treatments targeting medical conditions of the skin and soft tissue as well as procedures designed to aesthetically enhance the face and body. If you’re considering any procedure to enhance your appearance, take a look at some of the top benefits of combining both specialties.

A Comprehensive Approach

Perhaps one of the top benefits of combining plastic surgery with dermatology is the comprehensive, patient-centered approach this provides. There are many circumstances when having multiple perspectives and multiple training backgrounds can improve the final result. For example, surgery creates scars.  There are steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of poor healing or to blend and erase scars once present.  Having a dermatologist and surgeons under one roof, allows for careful planning from the first appointment before surgery all the way through recovery and onward.  However, the collaboration doesn’t stop there.  Comprehensive treatment means addressing all signs of aging and changes in body shape.  A good example of this joint approach involves surgery to help redrape and resculpt, while laser resurfacing by a dermatologist airbrushes the skin to minimize fine lines and improve texture. This combination is the ultimate youth enhancer and both procedures can be done at the same time in the operating room so the downtime and recovery overlap.

One-Stop Shop

There is often overlap between service provided by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, so when it’s time to seek help for a skin condition or to enhance appearance, patients aren’t always sure whether who is the best physician for the job. What if these two aesthetic specialties were under one roof? IT’s the ultimate convenience.  Patients can have all of their questions addressed in one place, without having to be referred elsewhere. Their stories and concerns are already known, and previous treatments don’t have to be reviewed in detail like they would be at a new office. Whether you’re in need of a nose job, breast reconstruction, laser resurfacing, or BOTOX® injections, the specialists at Aesthetx would be happy to discuss your full range of dermatology and plastic surgery options.

The Best Results for You

By having access to both plastic surgery and dermatology services, patients get customized solutions that are best suited to their needs. For instance, patients seeking anti-aging dermatology services might find that they would get superior results from a surgical procedure like a facelift or blepharoplasty. Conversely, patients might be a better candidate for a less invasive procedure, like dermal fillers or platelet rich plasma (PRP, plasma) injections for hair regrowth. Aesthetx is proud to offer this combined approach to help patients achieve truly custom results.

You owe it to yourself to get the best treatment possible and the team at Aesthetx can create a treatment plan that helps you look and feel great. Contact Aesthetx today at (408) 559-7177 to schedule your personal consultation.



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