Fat Transfer to the Breast

Also known as autologous fat transfer, or fat grafting, fat transfer to the breast is a great way to create a moderate increase in breast volume while creating natural looking and feeling breasts. Autologous means it comes from the patient’s own tissue, so the results are as natural as possible; it’s perfect for the woman who doesn’t want the hassle or complications that come with implants. Fat transfer can be combined with a breast lift or with a breast augmentation to refine the results.

Since the fat is your own tissue, there’s very little risk of the fat being rejected or triggering a reaction. The basic idea for a fat transfer to the breast is simple enough; first fat is extracted from places with extra to give, then it’s processed, and then it’s introduced into the breast through small, strategically placed injections.

To acquire the fat, Aesthetx uses a variety of modern liposuction systems and the choice of which to use is tailored to your body and desired results. The Hydrasolve tissue liquefaction liposuction system can achieve very smooth results, it a fat extraction system that gently removes fat from the body without disturbing surrounding tissue. This ensures the fat is as clean and high quality as possible. Other forms of liposuction we use in power-assisted liposuction and VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

Aesthetx uses PureGraft, one of the most advanced fat processing systems in the industry. The purer a graft is, the more likely it is to survive; by using a completely enclosed, sterile, lipodyalisis system, PureGraft creates some of the most viable, most concentrated pure grafts for longer lasting and predictable results and more efficient fat transfers.

Not only is Aesthetx proud to embrace such state-of-the-art technology, but our very own Dr. Zeidler has a long history with Hydrasolve and Puregraft, traveling around the country educating other physicians on their benefits as some of the most advanced tools for fat transfer to the breast.

History of the Fat Transfer to the Breast

For the majority of its history, fat transfer to the breast was mainly seen as a way to support reconstruction, rather than as an aesthetic procedure. The earliest account of fat transfer to the breast was for breast reconstruction in 1895, when German-Bohemian surgeon Vincenz Czerny transplanted a lipoma, a fatty lump under the skin, from a woman’s buttocks to her breast after she had a mastectomy. At the time, extraction methods were not well developed and, as a result, it was incredibly difficult for the fat grafts to survive. At the time, they did not have the technology to harvest clean or pure enough samples of fat that were viable enough to survive to their new environment.

As more and more concerns about fat grafting to the breast mounted, other methods of creating volume, such as artificial implants, started to become more popular. However, in the 1950s, the rise of liposuction renewed interest performing fat transfer to the breast, and by 1987 Beverly Hills surgeon Mel Bircoll performs the first reported case of using fat donations extracted through liposuction. 1987 also saw a brief moratorium on fat transfer to the breast after some health concerns; but in 2001, the BRAVA breast enhancement device was invented by Roger K. Khouri, and it was realized that a breast enlarged by BRAVA created the ideal conditions for fat transfer to the breast. In 2008, after more influential reports on the safety of fat grafting with new technology are published, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reverses its halt on fat grafting of the breast. Today, fat grafting to the breast is considered a major alternative procedure for breast enhancement, not just reconstruction.

Nowadays, advanced technology like fat processing systems like PureGraft and fat grafting systems like Hyrdasolve have made it even easier to get viable samples of fat, and made fat grafting to the breast one of the safest, most reliable methods of breast enhancement.

Fat Transfer to the Breast with Implants

While fat transfer to the breast can be done alone, fat grafting can also be beneficial for enhancing the results of breast augmentation. Adding fat transfer to implants can boost your cleavage by creating a natural looking, but full cleavage. Fat transfer to the breast with implants is also wonderful for creating symmetry or rounding out the breast.

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