Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – MiraDry to the Rescue!

Excessive underarm sweating is a self-fulfilling prophecy; you worry and stress about sweating too much, which in turn causes you to sweat too much! It might seem like an endless, unsolvable problem, one that makes it difficult for you to feel confident and comfortable in your own body. You’ve probably tried endless kinds of deodorant or techniques to stop it, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a solution. Don’t sweat it, MiraDry has arrived as an effective, non-surgical solution to excessive sweating.

What’s MiraDry?

You don’t have to worry about excessive underarm sweating anymore with MiraDry, your chance at peace of mind. MiraDry destroys the main cause for excessive underarm sweating: overactive sweat glands. Best of all, MiraDry is a simple, non-surgical treatment. Through a series of short procedures, MiraDry selectively targets sweat and odor glands and delivers enough energy to destroy them. All you have to do is lie down while MiraDry gets to work. You won’t even feel a thing because your underarms will be numbed before the treatment. After the treatment you can go home and enjoy your new, dry underarms.

What Are the Benefits of MiraDry?

With MiraDry, you can finally know what it’s like to raise your arms without worry, to not have to shower repeatedly throughout the day. You can go into stressful and strenuous situations with the full confidence that you no longer have to deal with those dreaded underarm stains. You can wear silk shirts and/or black clothing without another thought. Because MiraDry also targets odor glands, you’ll also have the benefit of decreased body odor. This is your chance to feel the cleanest and most refreshed that you ever have.

What Happens When I Sweat?

The sweat glands in your underarms only make up 2% of the total amount of sweat glands on your body. So, if you’re worried that getting the MiraDry procedure will affect how your body sweats, don’t be. Your body will sweat just like it used to, but now you can feel clean, confident, and carefree because you won’t have to deal with underarm stains or sticky streaks of deodorant.

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