Excessive underarm sweating can come at the most inopportune times; during a date, a job interview, maybe even a presentation. Also known as hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating can create considerable anxiety and worry over pit stains and body odor. If you suffer from it, you might find yourself shying away from after-work get togethers, or having to shower multiple times throughout day just to feel fresh. If you’re seeking freedom from the hassle and worry of excessive underarm sweating, and the freedom to be confident and at ease, Aesthetx offers the definitive Hyperhidrosis treatment: miraDry.

Aesthetx is always first to embrace the most advanced, medically-proven technology in the industry, and miraDry is the very first FDA-approved treatment for excessive underarm sweating and odor-producing sweat. Using the power of electromagnetic energy, miraDry non-surgically eliminates sweat and odor-producing glands responsible for excessive underarm sweating—permanently.

True to Dr. Zeidler’s commitment to provide treatments at the pinnacle of medical science, miraDry was developed right in their backyard: Silicon Valley. The hyperhidrosis treatment is completely nonsurgical, and it is some of the safest, most precise treatments available. More importantly, Aesthetx is excited to provide the most essential part of a patient’s well-being: peace of mind.

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How Does the miraDry treatment Work?

Your miraDry treatment should take about one hour complete, and you’ll be comfortably lying down for the duration of the procedure. MiraDry’s hyperhidrosis treatment works by delivering electromagnetic energy into the sweat and odor glands that reside in your underarms. While the electromagnetic energy and heat is being used to destroy the sweat glands, a coordinated cooling action will be delivered from the device at the same time in order to protect the top layers of the skin. Since local anesthesia will be administered before the treatment, it will be almost or even completely painless. Only 2% of your sweat glands reside in your underarms, so there’s no need to worry about how miraDry will affect your overall respiration.

Results from the Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Since miraDry eliminates sweat glands right there on the spot, you should be able to see an immediate reduction in sweating. While one treatment is usually enough, it’s important to talk to your surgeon about the possibility of multiple treatments. It will really depend on what you desire in terms of reducing excessive underarm sweating. Whatever results you want, the miraDry treatment is long-lasting.

Recovery from the Hyperhidrosis Treatment

There is minimal to no downtime after miraDry, although some patients might experience temporary redness and swelling. Most patients go back to work immediately after miraDry, and after a few days, they should be able to begin exercising and undergoing strenuous activity.

miraDry FAQs

What is the miraDry system?

MiraDry treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to dramatically decrease underarm sweat by addressing the cause of excessive perspiring and its associated odors.

How does miraDry work?

miraDry uses thermal energy to heat the underarms, safely removing bothersome sweat glands and odorous hair follicles.

Aren’t my sweat glands necessary?

Since you must sweat to cool off and avoid dangerous conditions like heatstroke, you have 2 to 4 million sweat glands throughout your body. However, only 2% are in your underarms, so removing them will not prevent your body from cooling down when necessary.

miraDry provides many benefits by reducing perspiration in the underarm area. You’ll still sweat in the other parts of your body.

What should I expect?

You can look forward to quick, long-lasting results. Once your miraDry treatment eliminates your underarm sweat and odor glands, they won’t return. The procedure has clinically proven to reduce sweat by 82%, on average. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary from patient to patient.

How many miraDry sessions will I need?

Most patients need two treatments, those with do sweat glands sometimes get a great results with only one. There are certain situations where patient may require a third treatment to get a completely perfect result. However, as with all our cosmetic procedures, we at Aesthetx, will customize your plan to achieve your desired outcome.

How long does a miraDry treatment take?

Expect to be in our office for one hour for your procedure, not including check in times and health protocols.

What about pain and downtime?

To ensure a more tolerable experience, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to your underarms. Most patients describe little to no discomfort. There is no need to take time off work to recover, and you can return to your typical day immediately. You may have some swelling, bruising, numbness, and sensitivity in the treatment area for several days afterward. We recommend ibuprofen and icing for the discomfort for a few days. We also recommend that patients do not exercise for two weeks to be sure the treatment area isn’t stressed by sweating and rubbing.

Is it safe?

miraDry has over 300,000 treatments administered worldwide, with excellent safety reported.

Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

Expect some localized soreness or swelling, which will subside within a few weeks. If you experience changes in skin sensation under your arms or on your upper arms, this will gradually disappear.

How much does miraDry cost?

Pricing varies depending on desired results and treatment protocols. We’ll discuss this with you during your miraDry consultation.

Will my health insurance cover the procedure?

Insurance companies typically don’t cover miraDry. However, you may be eligible to use HSA/FSA funds toward this treatment. We carry different Financing options at our practice, be sure to check that out.

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