Everything You Wanted to Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia – also known as enlarged male breast syndrome or “man boobs” – occurs in men due to a hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, weight gain, and the use of some prescription medications. More than half of males experience some degree of gynecomastia during their lifetimes. The most common ages are during puberty and between the ages of 50 and 69.

While most cases are temporary, with swelling reducing over a few weeks, other instances are permanent, with enlarged chest tissue resembling female breasts.

If you have gynecomastia, you may be acutely self-conscious about revealing your chest at the beach, in public locker rooms, or in intimate moments with your partner. However, treatments are available to address the problem and its underlying causes.

How Does It Happen?

Gynecomastia is the result of fatty tissue and breast tissue buildup in the chest area. It can cause musculature to sag, skin to stretch, and lumps to grow. Gynecomastia surgery involves removing this tissue and tightening the muscle and remaining skin to deliver a chiseled, masculine chest contour.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Our highly regarded doctors at Aesthetx performs gynecomastia surgery in Campbell, CA. The procedure involves a combination of excision and liposuction to remove stretched skin and excess fatty tissue. The results are a contoured, masculine chest.

Gynecomastia awareness is critical, as statistics indicate this cosmetic concern is highly prevalent among men in different life stages. Therefore, it’s essential to know the condition will often self-correct. But when it is a permanent issue, there is a readily available procedure to resolve the situation.

Candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery

Because gynecomastia is a surgical procedure, we encourage patients to consult with Drs. Zeidler and Berkowitz. This visit will help determine if you are a candidate for male breast reduction surgery. Excellent candidates are in good overall health with no medical conditions that may increase surgical risks. They are at a stable weight and have realistic expectations.

Who Performs Male Breast Reduction?

Breast surgery is a blend of art and science. It is essential to select a surgeon who has extensive experience completing male breast reduction surgery. At Aesthetx, in Campbell, CA, Drs. Zeidler and Berkowitz are board-certified plastic surgeons who have been helping resolve gynecomastia in men for years. 

Male breast reduction surgery is safe and effective. At Aesthetx, we will assess your case and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

At Aesthetx, we have earned renown for our in-depth consultations. To schedule your discreet consultation for gynecomastia or learn more about the procedure, contact Aesthetx by visiting or calling (408)-559-7177 or scheduling online.

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