How Long do Breast Implants Last Before They Must Be Redone?

How Long do Breast Implants Last Before They Must Be Redone?


At Aesthetx, we understand that women who choose breast augmentation often have questions about maintenance, changes, or long-term health. The way a woman feels about her body can influence self-esteem and her outlook on life. We want you to feel confident and love your breast augmentation results for many years to come.

We’re often asked whether breast implants must be removed after a certain number of years, or how long it will be before they “expire.”

We’re pleased to tell you that today’s generation of breast implants are long lasting, as they are designed with advanced resilience and expected to resist damage or deflation. However, there are several reasons why a woman may choose to revise her breast surgery. We’ll cover some of those reasons and details below.

The Following Factors May Lead You to Consider Breast Implant Replacement

Patients often consider breast revision surgery, or breast implant replacement for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Size Change

One reason occasionally overlooked but fairly common is that a size chosen at the time of surgery may not suit someone years down the line. Either because the breasts feel too large, or if they seem smaller than desired, a woman may opt to swap her implants for a different size.

  • Capsular Contracture

When normally thin scar tissue surrounding implants tightens and thickens, it will constrict and distort the implant. This condition may be painless or may cause discomfort. Through breast revision surgery, the scar capsule is removed, and new implants are inserted.

  • Older Implant Model

Other ther varieties of implants that were inserted a couple of decades ago, or in a country with different guidelines, can become a cause for concern today. If your implants are old, they aren’t likely under the excellent warranty and safety assurances that today’s devices are. Many women choose to upgrade to new implants when concerned about the potential risks of older implants.

  • Aesthetic Changes

The unwanted appearance of rippling or dimples on the breasts can be frustrating for patients. Over time, breast implants may move too close together or far apart. None of these issues present health concerns, yet the appearance may be very troubling for the patient and cause them to feel self-conscious.

After pregnancy, or with age, breast implants can shift, and breast skin can stretch. For these reasons, a patient may request an implant exchange or other enhancements like a breast lift.

  • Implant Rupture

While it’s a rare complication, a breach of the implant shell due to impact or a manufacturing flaw can mean scheduling revision surgery. Saline implants deflate very quickly as the saline is absorbed by the body harmlessly. Silicone cohesive gel implants are less noticeable when ruptured; however, their replacement can be scheduled at your convenience and is not considered an emergency. To remove some of the guesswork, the FDA recommends MRI screenings every few years. Today’s implant manufacturers offer great warranty programs, which covers your implant costs if the implant were to rupture.

Where Will My Implant Replacement Surgery in San Jose Be Performed?

Aesthetx is pleased to offer a stunning on-site surgical suite, fully equipped with advanced technology and accredited by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF).

Your Breast Revision Consultation

Your first step toward physical changes you love is a personal consultation at Aesthetx. Our welcoming atmosphere and approach are designed to make you feel comfortable, well-informed, and confident. Our surgeons will listen to your concerns respectfully and confidentially, then offer you thoughtful, honest recommendations.

Your consultation includes a physical exam to determine which breast enhancement approach will help you reach your goals. Explore breast revision surgery options in San Jose by contacting Aesthetx today at (408) 559-7177 or by filling out our online form.

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