Recovery 101: How to Heal After a Facelift

Facelift surgery can erase years from your face, eliminating lines and wrinkles, and restore your youthfulness. While most patients indicate that the recovery from a facelift is easier than they expected, it is critical that you care for yourself properly after surgery to ensure the best results. This blog discusses a few things the Aesthetx surgeons think you should know about your facelift recovery. 

Preparation is the key to a successful and comfortable recovery.

During your consultation and pre-surgery meeting with our surgeons, you will get an idea of what to expect during recovery from your facelift surgery and how best to prepare. For instance, you will need to take some time off work (usually about 2 weeks), and the Aesthetx team can give you a good idea about exactly how much recovery time you will need based on your surgical plan and your health status.  

You will want to arrange to have someone at home with you for the first day or two after surgery, as your movement will be limited. Just as important, you will want to pick up your prescriptions and supplies for your recovery before the day of surgery.  Having proper arrangements for time off and someone to help you, as well as everything you need on hand at home, will go a long way towards supporting a successful, stress-free recovery. 

Week 1

During your initial recovery, you will want to rest and sleep as much as possible.  You will have specific care instructions for your incision sites and dressings, and you will need prescription pain medications for the first few days. Most patients have a follow-up visit with their surgeon in this first week to check the incision sites and swelling. While the swelling may continue to increase for the first few days following surgery, it should begin to decrease by the end of the first week. By the end of week one, you will likely no longer need pain medication and should be able to care for yourself and move around as necessary.

Week 2

During your second week, you will still have some bruising or discoloration and swelling. During this week, however, much of this will subside. By the end of week two, you may feel more like yourself and be ready to return to most normal daily activities. Most patients are also able to do light exercise, such as walking, by the end of the second week of recovery. 

Week 3 and Beyond

After a few weeks of recovery, most of our patients feel much better and return to their normal lives, with some limitations. You will also begin to see your results from the facelift, which may not have been visible prior to this time due to the swelling and bruising that follows surgery. Towards the end of the month, you can resume regular exercise routines.  There will be little evidence that you’ve even had the procedure once a month or so has passed, and any scars that are visible will continue to fade with time. 

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