What Kind of Scar Can You Expect After a Tummy Tuck?

When people seek a taut tummy and toned abs, they eat right and go to the gym. But when pregnancy or excessive weight fluctuation stretch abdominal tissue to its limits, they need cosmetic help. A tummy tuck can reinforce the abdominal wall to its former strength and resolve excess skin and fat.

But as with any surgery, abdominoplasty involves incisions, and with incisions, there is the risk of scarring. If you’re considering tummy tuck surgery to restore your youthful figure, here is some vital information about incision scars. Answering, How long will they linger after your operation? How to minimize them afterward?

Full Tummy Tuck

The traditional abdominoplasty performs a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen. While it will vary from patient to patient, it generally runs from hip bone to hip bone and a small incision around the belly button. The operation provides the most dramatic reshaping of the core. It allows our surgeon’s to suture the stretched or torn abdominal muscle back into its original shape.

Together with liposuction and removing excess skin, the tummy will be tighter, the skin will be smoother, and the body will be contoured.

Mini Tummy Tuck

When you have localized loose skin and excess fat pockets in your lower abdomen alone, a mini abdominoplasty may be a better solution. This operation uses shorter incisions along the pubic area, and leaves the belly button untouched. The Mini Tummy Tuck procedure removes unwanted excess fat and skin but only addresses fat and loose skin below the belly button.

Endoscopic-Assisted Tummy Tuck

At Aesthetx, we routinely perform a modified tummy tuck technique with the help of a camera to address small amounts of loose skin and fat. The incision is small and restricted to the pubic area and belly button.

The process allows your surgeon to work under the skin through small incisions to stitch and reinforce tissue. The result is a stronger core and refined waistline with smaller incisions and scars.

Scar Visibility and Maintenance

The scar visibility and size will depend on how much tissue needs removing, incision placement, and recovery. At Aesthetx, we strategically place incisions low on the tummy, where you can hide them with undergarments or bathing suits (including bikinis). 

Early on, the scars are red and dark. In time, they will fade, becoming lighter, thinner, and less noticeable. Many of our patients undergo one of our scar revision treatments to reduce scar presence and visibility.

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