Can an Injectable Treat Cellulite? Here’s What You Need to Know About QWO

If you’ve been looking for a way to battle cellulite, you’ve likely run across numerous treatment options. Unfortunately, once you start looking at reviews and feedback, you find that many of them provide varying degrees of improvement. That has left many to wonder if an injectable can successfully treat cellulite, and with that in mind,…
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How Glacial Rx Age Spot Treatment Works

Do you need an age spot removal solution that delivers proven results? Do you require the power of laser treatment without the associated side effects? Do you want bright and glowing skin while staying away from highly invasive procedures? If you feel enthusiastic about finding a positive answer to any of these questions, Glacial Rx™…
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How a fat transfer can help you look younger

Facial fat transfer procedures are taking over some traditional anti-aging treatments. Long-lasting results mean fat grafting achieves what dermal fillers alone can’t. This facial sculpting technique also boasts a rapid recovery and scar-free results! Did you know that fat pads in our faces shrink with age? We lose some of the natural hydration, elasticity and…
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How Long do Breast Implants Last Before They Must Be Redone?

How Long do Breast Implants Last Before They Must Be Redone?   At Aesthetx, we understand that women who choose breast augmentation often have questions about maintenance, changes, or long-term health. The way a woman feels about her body can influence self-esteem and her outlook on life. We want you to feel confident and love…
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Three Contouring Methods to Declare your Independence from a Post-Baby Body

If you follow Instagram and Hollywood celebrities, you may have the impression that women always bounce back to their pre-baby shape after childbirth. The reality couldn’t be more different. The female body undergoes tremendous changes to accommodate a growing baby and give birth. Belly, breasts, and other areas stretch and expand. Because everyone’s natural skin…
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Treat Yourself to the Best Lip Enhancement Treatment for You

Dermal fillers gained much of their popularity in the last decade thanks to lip filler and the poutier, fuller lip trends seen among influencers. Today, all shapes, sizes, and styles of lip enhancement are in vogue, with a much broader spectrum of subtle improvements available to you. Which lip enhancement is right for you? Here…
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The Facts About Fillers and the COVID Vaccine

  There has been much discussion about the potential side effects of the new coronavirus vaccines. This has received a lot of coverage: facial swelling in 3 participants with cosmetic filler after receiving the Moderna trial vaccination. All resolved without serious harm to the patients. It can be hard to know the facts from the…
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6 Questions You Have About Labiaplasty

At Aesthetx, we celebrate the beautiful diversity of women’s bodies and their agency to change and enhance the aspects they wish to. Labiaplasty has surged in popularity because though it’s a relatively simple procedure, the results can positively impact confidence and comfort. Issues with labia minora (the inner vaginal lips) may include excessive size, asymmetry, or…
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What Can Be Done About Uneven Breasts

It’s true; some women have breasts that are not equal in size and shape. However, when this asymmetry is apparent, women often seek a surgical solution to address this cosmetic concern. Although some women choose to correct the problem with padding on one side and not the other, many others want a more permanent solution….
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