6 Questions You Have About Labiaplasty

At Aesthetx, we celebrate the beautiful diversity of women’s bodies and their agency to change and enhance the aspects they wish to. Labiaplasty has surged in popularity because though it’s a relatively simple procedure, the results can positively impact confidence and comfort. At Aesthetx in San Jose, Ca, Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler specializes in labiaplasty, performing this…
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Considering Vaginal Rejuvenation? Attend the Women’s Sexual Health Open House at Aesthetx to Learn More!

  Often times, matters involving women’s sexual health and well-being aren’t spoken about candidly. These two subjects play an important role for a woman’s happiness and outlook, which is why Aesthetx is dedicated to helping women reclaim their feminine confidence through vaginal rejuvenation treatments like the diVa laser. To learn more about treatments like diVa…
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Build Your Perfect Body with A Mommy Makeover

We all pine for the days when our bodies were more toned and athletic. If you’re a mom, then you probably already have a plan to get your fantasy body down pat; a lift here, restoring volume there. Thankfully, with a mommy makeover, your dream body can become a reality. A mommy makeover is a…
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